Solutions Exhibited at GastroPan

Exhibitors showcase a wide range of innovative products and technologies, demo shows and business ideas. Lots of them launches new concepts and special offers available during the fair. At the GastroPan booths visitors found offers of suppliers in the country, but also of exhibitors coming from abroad - experts and world-class suppliers in the industry.

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Solutions exhibited at GastroPan:
Machines and equipment for bakeries, pastry shops, confectioneries, artisan ice cream makers;
• Compact dough baking and processing lines and machines;
• Machines and equipment for the production of pasta, biscuits, waffles and cookies;
Ingredients, raw materials;
Tools, accessories and consumables for bakeries, pastry shops, confectioneries;
Half-baked and frozen bakery products;
Furniture and fittings for bakery shops, cafes and bistros;
Showcases, shelves and refrigerating solutions;
Artisan ice-cream, ingredients, machines and solutions;
Equipment, tools and ingredients for artisan chocolate products;
Energy management, ventilation and air conditioning;
Hygiene and professional cleaning solutions;
Metrology and laboratory instruments;
IT solutions for production, distribution and sale activities;
Furniture, equipment and supplies for the food service and hospitality industry;
Coffee and beverage machines and solutions;
Packaging technologies and supplies for the baking and food service market;
Fermentation and cooling equipment and technologies;
Commercial vehicles, vans and bodywork solutions for the industry;
Logistics operations, solutions for sales, service, etc.

INNOVATION SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENT GastroPan-2013-Canon-Day2-IMG 1219 GastroPan-2013-Canon-Day2-IMG 1443
For any details please contact the organizers dialing +40 266-219.392, +40-733-313 043, +40-787-677 310 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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