Exhibitors are preparing various technologies and practical demos for GastroPan 2016

The 8th edition of GastroPan is already proving to be successful, as exhibitors from all around the world have announced their participation at the exhibition. Between the 7th and 9th of April 2016 the President Expo Center, located in the Transylvanian city of Târgu Mureș, Romania, will become the meeting point of hundreds of specialists and entrepreneurs from various countries operating on the field of bakery, confectionery, food industry and HoReCa.

The organizers of the biggest exhibition in Romania for specialized businesses exhibiting baking and cooking technologies offers the visitors and exhibitors of GastroPan exhibition one of the largest exhibition spaces in Transylvania. At the booths of the three exhibition halls of President Expo Center the exhibitors will present innovative machinery and technology for businesses in the field, as well as ingredients, accessories, utensils and consumables designed for those businesses.

What do the visitors expect from the exhibitors at GastroPan 2016?

Visitors of GastroPan like the possibility to compare the suppliers’ ingredients, but also to test and see their various applications and advantages. This is one of the main reasons why each year Expo GastroPan manages to attract more than 21,000 visitors who are specialists and entrepreneurs. They want to try out and compare at one place a large variety of technologies for their businesses, in this way they can decide which one is the most suitable for them.

The most appealing factors for the visitors of GastroPan are the booths with practical demonstrations. On the other hand, visitors were very happy to have found a large variety of exhibited equipment, especially because they could see their working mechanism and their applications.

Who can become a visitor and an exhibitor at GastroPan?
Among those who received invitations to the main professional event in the field are tens of thousands of specialists, managers and entrepreneurs from artisan and industrial bakeries, confectioneries, pastry shops, ice-cream shops, chocolate shops, pasta, cookie and biscuit factories, restaurants, hotels, bars and coffee shops. View the Visitors Profile!

The most important suppliers of equipment, ingredients, solutions and technologies for the industry are among the exhibitors. At their booths they will present solutions and technologies for all activities of the bakery, confectionery, food and HoReCa industry. View the Exhibitors Profile!

If you are a supplier of solutions and technologies for businesses in the bakery, confectionery or hospitality industries and wish to book a booth for the GastroPan 2016 International Exhibition, contact the organizers at the following phone numbers: +40-266-219-392, +40-733-313.042 or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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