Healthy, gluten free, sugar free, lactose free ingredients – trend highlighted at GastroPan 2017

GastroPan exhibition concluded another successful edition thus reinforcing its leading position as an international trade fair for the bakery, pastry, confectionery, gelato, chocolate, milling, coffee and hospitality industries in Central and Southeastern Europe. The exhibition took place in the city of Sibiu, Romania, 23-25 March 2017. The exhibition was visited by 21,575 professionals and representatives from bakeries, pastry shops, confectioneries, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality units who came to the event in order to see the latest technologies and innovations brought to them by 133 exhibitors and presented on a 7,000 sqm exhibiting space. The capacity to reunite equipment suppliers, ingredients, utensils and solutions with manufacturers, operators, specialists and entrepreneurs activating in the field has assured once again the success of the exhibition.

In 2017, GastroPan exhibition has been yet again the place of innovation, technology and professional solutions

With solutions developed by world-class experts especially for professionals in these industries, complex working techniques presented and demo shows of the most efficient technologies available on the international market GastroPan exhibition is the first-hand source of information, novelties and new international trends for professionals activating on the Romanian market. Visitors found complete rages of products and solutions for their businesses in the exhibiting booths: the newest and most efficient solutions for businesses such as bakeries, confectioneries, pastry shops, restaurants, coffee houses, mills, hotels, chocolate houses, ice cream shops or other related specialized shops, ingredients, the latest softwares and cleaning solutions. Among new trends and innovations presented at GastroPan were: healthy ingredients, products for a healthy lifestyle, gluten free, sugar free, lactose free products – a trend highlighted by Mr. Ilonka Boldizsár, Vice President of International Union of Bakers and Confectioners, UIBC, on the official opening ceremony of the event –, as well as multifunctional equipment, food trucks, solutions for reducing the cost of energy, high-tech machines.

DSC 6374

Technological presentations, demo shows and tasting sessions

At the vast majority of the exhibition booths demo shows and technological presentations were held: preparing products made of special ingredients developed by the specialists, presentations of machinery and software solutions and tasting sessions of new types of coffee and other drinks. At the booths World and Olympic champion bakers, chefs and confectioners have shared their talents with thousands of visitors who had the opportunity to taste various products prepared at the booths of the exhibitors (bakery and pastry products, ice-cream, coffee, wine, different deserts etc.). Fruit and vegetable carving and the technique of modelling pulled, blown and poured sugar (isomalt-caramel) were also presented at GastroPan 2017.

DSC 6568

GastroPan 2017: success for both exhibitors and visitors

Exhibitors had an exceptional opportunity to make their products and solutions known to a selected group of visitors, specialists interested in finding solutions to improve their businesses, while visitors had a great opportunity to benefit of special offers, vouchers and packages especially made for them. According to the first assessment of the GastroPan 2017 organizers, the estimated value of the deals that have been made during the three-day event rises above 7.5 million euros, and on the long run, following negotiations at the exhibition and the contracts that were signed there and those are to be signed after negotiations, the total value can rise above 90 million euros. Declarations of the 133 exhibitors show that considerable sales have been made at the exhibition; several exhibitors sold on the spot their exhibits, machinery, equipment and utensils that they presented at the show.

Presenting the winners of GastroPan Competitions: the best bakers, pastry chefs and chefs in Romania

The best bakeries, pastry shops, confectioneries and restaurants sent their best specialists to enter the GastroPan Competitions, which took place within the GastroPan exhibition, in Sibiu, Romania, 23-25 March 2017. More than 100 contestants from all over Romania entered the competitions. Besides the greatest prizes – Cake of the Year 2017, Industrial Bread of the Year 2017 and Artisan Bread of the Year 2017 – the tastiest pastry products, the most impressive artistic pieces made of bread dough, sugar paste or chocolate, as well as the most beautiful, appetizing, esthetic, elegant and also healthy cold dishes prepared individually and in teams, as well as the most amazing artistic pieces made of fruits and vegetables have been awarded. We are presenting the winners of the 9 categories of GastroPan 2017 Competitions.



Numerous pastry chefs from all around Romania competing in the Confectionery competition section were preparing and perfecting their recipes for the ”Exotic Cakes” that they presented to the international jury. To win the Cake of the Year 2017 contestants had to come up with new and original tastes, creative and tasty creations using exotic ingredients.

The competition for choosing the best cake of this year challenged contestants to create an innovative cake made of exotic ingredients, having an exquisite and original taste. The theme of this category was Exotic Cakes. Any pastry shop will have the possibility to bake and sell the winning cake after the exhibition, provided they use the original recipe and the name „Cake of the Year 2017 - GastroPan”.

The Cake of 2017

The winners of this category:
I: Cazacu Anastasia – Vipp Fashion Srl, Bârlad
The tastiest cake is the one called Feeria Cake. It has a meringue crust with brown sugar, gluten-free cocoa powder, pomegranate mousse and red pepper powder, caramelized pistachios.
II: Ciobanu Cristina – Hotel Belvedere, Brașov
III: Șerbu Camelia – Ana Pan, Bucharest


DSC 6220


Sugar Paste Artistic Piece

Artists and cake decorators also had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents participating in The Sugar Paste Artistic Piece and Chocolate Artistic Piece categories. They had to create an amazing artistic piece related to the world of movies as the theme will be: ”Cinema”.

The winners of this category:
I: Velniceriu Ionela – Megasimitis Srl, Constanța
II: Cazacu Elena Ada – Vipp Fashion, Bârlad
III: Râpa Otilia – Fantezia Decor Srl, Satu Mare

C2A LOC1 rs


Chocolate Artistic Piece

The winners of this category:
I: Farkas Ferenc – Dioszegi Srl, Sfântu Gheorghe
II: Balea Loredana Maria – Reghina Prodimpex Srl, Cluj Napoca

C2B LOC1 rs


Both artisan and industrial bakeries had the opportunity to win the trophy of the Bread of the Year 2017, as this category was yet again(first time last year) divided into two different subcategories, according to the quantity of bread produced daily and the method of bread production – artisan or industrial. Within the same competition section, the Bakery-Pastry section, contestants entered the competition for winning prizes for the best salty pastry product for breakfast, as well as for the most amazing artistic pieces made of bread dough. The theme of Bread Dough Artistic Piece category is: ”Autumn in the Countryside”.


The best artisan and industrial breads have been awarded

GastroPan Competitions 2017 brought back equal chances for both artisan and industrial bakeries, as both will have the opportunity to win the trophy Bread of Year 2017 in their category. Contestants representing industrial bakeries with a minimum daily production of 300 kg of bread entered the competition for winning the Industrial Bread of the Year 2017 made in Romania, while contestants representing artisan bakeries with a maximum daily production of 100 kg of bread competed for winning Artisan Bread of the Year 2017 made in Romania. The judges decided who wins based on organoleptic properties (form, aspect, and crumb and crust structure, taste) and the innovative character of the product.

Artisan Bread of the Year 2017 made in Romania

The best artisan bread is the bread called Sunbread (second from left). It contains rye flour, bread flour, brown flour, whole grain spelt flour, roasted rye flour, yeast, salt, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, carrots and water.

Winners of the category:

I: Bocskor István – Brutăria Bocskor, Sânmartin
II: Chica Mirabela – Ardelean Adrian Company Srl, Lugoj
III: Diószegi László – Madexport Srl, Sfântu Gheorghe  

DSC 7359




Industrial Bread of the Year 2017 made in Romania

The best industrial bread is: BROWN POTATO BREAD, with 30% 16-hours leaven, flour 55 and flour 112, 15% real potato. The bread stays fresh for a week.

Winners of the category:
I: Diószegi László – Madexport Srl, Sfântu Gheorghe
II: Alina Soare – Velrom Srl, Târgoviște
III: Bocskor István – Brutăria Bocskor, Sânmartin

DSC 7277



Bread Dough Artistic Piece

The best artistic piece made of bread dough was made by Farkas Ferenc, baker of Madexport company.

Winners of the category:
I: Farkas Ferenc – Madexport Srl, Sfântu Gheorghe
II: Geambazu Nicolae Florin – Megasimitis Srl, Constanța
III: Tőkés Tibor – Pâine de Casă Srl, Târgu Mureș

DSC 7551

Pastry Products

The best pastry product is a potato cake with common white (wheat) flour, potato, yeast, sour cream, butter, eggs, salt, sugar, pumpkin seeds and poppy seeds.

Winners of the category:
I: Bocskor Rozália – Brutăria Bocskor, Sânmartin
II: Cazacu Elena Ada – Vipp Fashion Srl, Bârlad
III: Farkas Ferenc – Madexport Srl, Sfântu Gheorghe

A Special Bakery Prize was awarded to Tőkés Tibor, master baker for his participation and performance at GastroPan Competitions throughout the years.



Chefs who entered GastroPan Competitions had to prepare a festive plate for 8 people consisting of innovative dishes made of ingredients of their choice that comply with the theme of this category - ”Healthy lifestyle”. Contestants having a more developed artistic spirit could show their talents in the Fruit and Vegetable Carving category, at which they had to present an artistic piece fitting into the topic of ”Aquatic World”.

Cold Dishes

I (individually): Ciutacu Gheorghe – Bucharest On the winning plate: tuna with licorice and ginger in ricotta and cuttlefish ink crust, terrine made of zander with shrimp, red beans and peas, salmon perfumed with lemongrass and cream cheese, croutons, olives, sweet potato, sunflower shoots, velouté red pepper and parsnip on quinoa biscuit crouton, vegetable mix (asparagus, purple potatoes, cauliflower, carrot, celery, olive oil), Limette sauce and Dijon sauce.

I (in team): Bejenaru Vasilică, Gido Silviu Mihai – Hotel Belvedere, Brașov The team made a fish plate, savarin with seafood baked and glazed with lobster butter, terrine of halibut fillets with shrimp, edamame and spinach, marinated salmon with horseradish cream, algae in leek crust with vegetable consommés seasoned with curry, Monk fish, rice-biscuits with cuttlefish, buillabase with vegetables, zander fillets, millefolie with pumpkin and cream goat cheese and vegetables, panna cotta with goat milk and vegetables, mixed salad with vegetables and sauces made of wild garlic and horseradish, mustard and mascarpone seasoned with curry, salsa with spicy mango and avocado.

II (individually): Florea Ion – Unita Turism Holding S.A., Timișoara
II (in team): Voicu Filip, Preda Liviu – Brasserie Luther Srl, Brașov

III (individually): Muntean Nicolae Marius – Proiect Turism Srl, Sibiu
III (in team): Anghel Roxana, Banciu Dumitru, Manolache Bogdan, Olariu Ovidiu – Continental Hotels Bucharest

DSC 8223


Fruit and vegetable carving

DSC 8102


Winners of the category:
I: Foris Kinga – Castel Haller, Târgu Mureș
Râpa Adrian Raul – Fantezia Decor Srl, Satu Mare
II: Manea George – Panda Express Food Srl, Constanța
III: Verdeș Liliana – Alba Iulia

The organizers are once again expressing their appreciation to all exhibitors, visitors, professional associations, members of the jury and all partners who supported the event. Congratulations to all contestants who entered the GastroPan 2017 Competitions showing off their talent and professionalism!


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