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Boro-Info Group successfully manages famous brands as ”Brutarul-Cofetarul”, "GastroPan" or "Gastromedia", and its strategic partnerships with important suppliers of technologies and solutions are put in service of the bakery, confectionery, milling, chocolate, ice cream and HoReCa sectors, for over 17 years.

Company Mission:

"Supporting the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa sectors and increasing the professionalism of employees working in these areas by giving access to information, expertise and know-how offered by the GastroPan International Exhibition, and also through Brutarul-Cofetarul and Gastromedia magazines, GastroPan Competitions, training courses and specialization in defining brands and building visual identity of companies."

Boro-Info started in 2001 with the project that was at that time an innovation: the specialized technical journal "Brutarul-Cofetarul". The magazine was enthusiastically received by the Romanian market due to the technological information, the contacts of the suppliers and the presentation of the solutions they had to offer for the simplification of the bakery and confectionery production and the increase of the performance, factors that contributed to the increase of the readers' interest from one edition to the next.

The target sectors of the Brutarul- Cofetarul magazine were closely related to the HoReCa sector, with which the interactions were becoming more and more frequent, either due to the customer-supplier relationship or the complementarity of these domains on the market. As a result, Boro-Info has put the specialist knowledge and experience in the service of HoReCa specialists, dedicating them a distinct technical journal: Gastromedia.

Other Services of Boro-Info:

Training courses:

The continuous interaction with specialists has always provided us essential information about the market reality and the every-day challenges faced by these specialists. The lack of technical and vocational training opportunities was a common problem of all target groups of Boro-Info, and its identification gave rise to a new project: professional training courses.

Until today, we have trained over 2,000 specialists through these courses, with the results being visible in each of the companies they work at - diversifying the product portfolio, increasing product quality, increasing the added value of portfolio products, addressing new market segments and attracting new consumers.

Branding and communication:

In parallel with editing the two magazines, Boro-Info designers aim to help with their knowledge bakeries, confectioners and hospitality units to be more visible in the market and have their own visual identity by creating logos and specific communication materials for these firms.

Numerous entrepreneurs have benefited from these services offered by Boro-Info Group during its 17 years of activity, including: creating logos, business cards, various documents - letterheads, envelopes, templates for internal documentation, etc. - but also websites, leaflets, catalogs, menus and promotion posters, all accompanied by counseling and finding the best communication strategy with the target market. 


Extending the activity of Romanian companies abroad, but also the entry of foreign companies in Romania through local distributors or branches meant also the transfer of a considerable amount of information. Translations of technical documentation of products, catalogs or working procedures have facilitated the transfer of this information between Romanian entrepreneurs and managers and those from outside the country. The investments made in teaming up with a translator specialized in the activity field of the target groups were the company's response to market demands and the solution for many distributors who, over the 17 years, have turned to Boro-Info's translation services.

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